About Big Wheel

Hey all!

My name is Evan McNeil aka Big Wheel. I'm a bar professional who has a passion and desire to expand the drinks industry in Atlantic Canada.

Having been working in bars since 2011 I've worked in both Calgary AB, where I grew up and Halifax NS, where I now reside. I have a love for the East Coast and its absolutely infectious way of life.

I decided to start this website to fill a gap in the market out here in the East as there are no specialty stores to purchase barware from.

Why "Big Wheel"?

Big Wheel was a nickname that was given to me years and years ago in middle school, simply rhyming with my last name, McNeil. I was Big-Wheel-McNeil. I've actually always liked the nickname but never advertised myself as such nor told many others, it just seemed to follow me wherever I went. In March 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, I downloaded the popular phone app, TikTok and not taking it seriously I gave myself the tag, @bigwheelsbar. It was the first time I had personally and outwardly promoted myself as "Big Wheel" and you know what? It felt great! And thus, Big Wheels Bar although not a physical space, was born!