Sotol Flor Del Desierto ONO

Sotol Flor Del Desierto ONO

Where to Buy:

Bishops Cellar

Clean, bright, dense and pristine to the sight, displays a silver hue with abundant pelage.

In the nose it's complex, herbaceous and spiced with hints of fresh green asparagus and white peppercorns. It's elegant nuance is reminiscent of damp earth and tubers like the Yam bean and yuca in a fresh herbal frame such as epazote and avocado leaf.

In the palate it feels fresh and joyful. A smooth texture follows a fruity mid palate of guava, coconut and ginger.
The dry finish is long and very complex in spices and minerals.

About Flor Del Desierto

Born in the heart of the Sierra de Chihuahua, Flor del Desierto began in 2011 by a small group of friends after one of them, Flor, won a baking competition using sotol as the special ingredient. All sotol plants, also known as the desert spoon or sereque, are wild-harvested in the Coyame Desert and mountains of Madera. Each one of Flor del Desierto’s Sotols are distinguished by the region they’re produced in, the stills where they are distilled and the hands of each sotol maker, whose own techniques and years of experience give their spirits a unique character.