Pisco Barsol - Quebranta

Pisco Barsol - Quebranta

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Crafted in small batches and estate-bottled, BarSol hails from the very sunny south of Peru’s Ica Valley, the historic and cultural heartland of the pisco category. Their distillery, Bodega San Isidro, dates back to the 1800’s and is surrounded by the sun-drenched vineyards that provide 100% of what goes into BarSol pisco.

ABV: 41.8%
Appearance: crystal clear
Aroma: On the nose, light pastry notes of fresh cream and white chocolate, with light hints of caramel and almond.
Palate:  On the palate, these flavours intensify with gentle hints of spice, cocoa and walnuts. It is complemented with a rich and round texture similar to light butter scotch.
Finish: It is remarkably balanced, elegant with a long lingering finish.