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Welcome to the other half of Big Wheel's Bar!

We work closely and represent a number of quality and internationally respected spirit brands through Sovereign Canada, an independent Canadian based liquor agency.

Big Wheel, AKA, Evan McNeil is the Atlantic Canadian Portfolio Manager for Sovereign Canada. For a full list of all their products, events, and more go to

22 products
  • Pisco Barsol - Quebranta
  • Siete Misterios Mezcal Doba-Yej
    Mezcal Siete Misterios Doba-Yej
  • Sotol Flor Del Desierto ONO
  • St. Benevolence 5yr Rum
  • St. Benevolence Rum Clairin
  • Tequila Aha Yeto Blanco
    Tequila Aha Yeto Blanco
  • Worthy Park Rum-Bar Cream Liqueur
  • Worthy Park Rum-Bar Gold
    Worthy Park Rum-Bar Gold In Canada
  • Worthy Park Rum-Bar Silver
    Worthy Park Rum-Bar Silver in Canada
  • Yellow Chartreuse
    Yellow Chartreuse