Koch Mezcal Espadin Madrecuishe NSLC Halifax

Koch El Mezcal Madrecuishe-Espadin


Nova Scotia

All other Atlantic Provinces email evan@sovereigncanada.com

A one-off-one-time-only offering from Mezcal Koch this blend of Espadin and Madrecuishe was made specifically for the Canadian market and the NSLC snatched up the last few remaining cases! Grab it while you can!

About Koch Mezcal

The Koch Group was founded in 2009 as a project to promote traditional mezcal and to underline the uniqueness of its organoleptic characteristics. Their main objective is the promotion of sustainable development and the creation of employment in Oaxaca, particularly in areas under economic and social stress.

Koch is one of only a few mezcal producers globally where the company and the originators are actually from the state of Oaxaca. This is very rare. Koch owns many different palenques in Oaxaca, which is also very rare. They are truly estate mezcal. They bottle a lot of product for other brands, but this is their own brand and they’ve kept and sourced the best mezcal.

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