Fords Gin

Fords Gin

Where To Buy:

Nova Scotia

New Brunswick

ABV:  45%
Appearance:  Clear
Aroma: Very bright and aromatic, note of juniper, coriander, floral jasmine and citrus
Palate: Juniper continues, citrus oils, complex and dry
Finish: Very long finish, citrus peel and floral notes

Fords Gin is distilled in London at Thames Distillers and is a collaboration between 8th generation Master Distiller Charles Maxwell and Simon Ford of The 86 Co. The mix of 9 botanicals starts with a traditional backbone base of juniper & coriander seed that’s balanced with citrus (bitter orange, lemon & grapefruit peels), floral (jasmine flower & orris) and spice (angelica & cassia). The botanicals are steeped for 15 hours before distillation in 500-liter stills