Avua Cachaca Prata

Avuá Cachaça Prata

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ABV: 42%
Appearance: Crystal Clear
Aroma: floral and vegetal greenness on the nose with a distinctly bready character and citrus notes
Palate: creamy, earthy palate of sugarcane, lime, fresh cut grass, caraway and lemongrass
Finish: short and clean finish, dry, with more citrus and spice

Avuá Prata is their unaged, base offering that is at 42% abv and rested for six months in stainless steel casks before being hand bottled. The result is a lush and crisp spirit with subtle floral notes perfect for cocktail application or the classic Caipirinha.

Avuá was born out of a melding of minds in New York, when ­American Nate Whitehouse was introduced to Brazilian music, culture and cocktails. Fuelled by Whitehouse’s interest in cachaça, Nate and co-founders of Avua, Peter Nevenglosky and Mark Christou, flew to Brazil in 2011 in hopes of learning more.

After meeting dozens of producers and tasting hundreds of samples they discovered Katia Espírito Santo and her cachaça estate in Carmo, four hours north of Rio de Janeiro. Crafting cachaça on her family’s farm, Katia is one of Brazil’s only female distillers. Her family has been producing the spirit here since 1923.